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click the link below to see the current floating conditions 

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CFS:  Cubic Feet per Second measures how fast/swiftly the river is flowing

VERY LOW:  The Buffalo River is dry in places

LOW:  The Buffalo River is low, floating may be difficult, some areas may require a portage

MODERATE:  The Buffalo River is adequate for floating; some exposed obstacles may be encountered

HIGH:  The Buffalo River flows swiftly.  Compromising situations may occur.  Canoeing experience on swift moving rivers is necessary.  All canoeists must possess good river-canoeing skills and must be familiar with rescue procedures.

FLOOD STAGE:  The Buffalo River flows outside its normal banks.  Floodwaters move quickly and carry debris.  Canoeing conditions are hazardous even for highly skilled canoeists.  Concessions cannot put boats on the river in flood conditions. 

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